How A Lawyer Can Help With Sexual Harassment

How A Lawyer Can Help With Sexual Harassment

16 February 2021
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According to a report in 2018, up to 81% of women and 43% of men experience sexually-based conduct in the workplace nationwide. In the service sector, 66 percent of women have claimed harassment by managers. If you've experienced sexual harassment, you need to make a claim for compensation. Here are some of the ways a sexual harassment lawyer can help with your case.

Determining Whether Your Case Qualifies as Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a request for a sexual favor, unwelcome sexual conduct, or any verbal physical conduct of a sexual nature that promotes an offensive or hostile work environment. Not all offensive comments qualify as sexual harassment.

When determining whether your case fits the profile of sexual harassment, your lawyer will determine whether the conduct was genuinely unwelcome and objectively offensive. Your lawyer will want to know how you responded to the conduct and whether you entertained the behavior or expressed your disapproval.

Your lawyer will also want to know whether a reasonable person in the same situation would have responded the same way. These determinations will help your lawyer determine the strength of your case.

Preparation for the Witness Stand

Harassment attorney services will also play a significant role in preparing you for the witness stand. Your impression to the judge and jury will greatly influence the outcome of your case. Dress like you would when going to court and prepare your statement so your lawyer may judge whether you're a credible and convincing witness.

The judge and jury will be focused on how you're dressed and whether you're calm and composed during your presentation. They'll also be looking to see whether your story makes sense. Another thing your lawyer will help you work on is jury appeal. You need to appear to the jury as a sympathetic but not excessively emotional witness.

Get a Fair Compensation

One of the other main reasons you'll need sexual harassment lawyer services is to get fair compensation. Many employers are notorious for convincing their employees to settle for less than justified compensation. The amount you're likely to get from your claim will depend on the kind of harm you suffered because of the sexual harassment.

Some of the damages you may be entitled to include back pay and front pay to recompense you for wages you lost because of the offensive conduct. You also stand to be compensated for the emotional upset, also known as pain and suffering, resulting from the harassment. Your harassment attorney can also help you get punitive damages to punish your employer and prevent them from repeating this offense against an employee. 

Contact a local sexual harassment lawyer for more tips and information about your case.

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