Discrimination In The Workplace | What You Need To Know

Discrimination In The Workplace | What You Need To Know

15 March 2023
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Discrimination in the workplace can have far-reaching repercussions for employees. Discrimination occurs when an individual or group of individuals are treated differently than others based on their race or some other protected characteristic. Therefore, it's important to understand what discrimination looks like and how it can be addressed to protect your rights as an employee. Here's a closer look at what you need to know about discrimination and the workplace.

Is Discrimination Allowed in the Workplace?

No. The EEOC clearly states that discrimination is illegal under federal law and many state laws. Employers must treat all employees equally. If you ever feel like you are being discriminated against at your place of employment due to one or more of these protected characteristics, it's important to take action immediately to protect your rights.

What Should You Do if You Feel You Are Being Discriminated Against?

There are several things you can do if you feel you are being discriminated against, including:

  • Supervisor. If you feel a co-worker discriminates or makes you uncomfortable, you can complain to your supervisor. However, many times the discrimination may be coming from that supervisor.
  • Human resources. One of the purposes of a Human Resources department is to provide a safe, non-discriminatory workplace. If you feel your supervisor is discriminating against you, you can contact HR, who can investigate the situation and take corrective action as necessary.
  • Discrimination lawyer. In some cases, you may have to take legal action to protect your rights. A discrimination lawyer can help you understand the law and guide you through the process of filing a complaint or lawsuit against an employer for discriminatory practices.

Discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue and must be addressed quickly and effectively to protect you.

How Can a Discrimination Lawyer Help?

If you feel that you have been discriminated against at work, it is important to talk to an experienced discrimination lawyer. A lawyer will be able to review your case and provide advice on how best to proceed to ensure that your rights are fully protected under both federal and state laws. They will also be able to represent you in court and help ensure that justice is served for any wrongs committed against you by your employer.

Discrimination in the workplace should not be taken lightly. If you ever find yourself facing discrimination, it is important that you seek out legal counsel from an experienced discrimination lawyer so that they can help ensure that justice is served for any wrongs committed against you by your employer. 

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