When Do You Need a Money Seizure Attorney?

When Do You Need a Money Seizure Attorney?

10 October 2023
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Having your money seized by the government can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. While it is normal to feel frustrated, you can take action by hiring an experienced money seizure attorney. A money seizure attorney helps individuals and businesses fight against the government's seizure of assets, funds, and property.

Government Agency Contact

If your business or personal accounts have been frozen, and you've received a "Notice of Seizure" and a notice from a government agency informing you they are investigating you or your business for money they suspect is related to criminal activity, it is advisable to engage the services of a money seizure attorney. A seizure could be a serious obstacle to your business or personal life and could be a precursor to more substantial legal action by the government.

Lawsuits and Civil Actions

If you are involved in a lawsuit or a civil action where your assets or business is at risk of seizure, a money seizure attorney can assist you. The government is sometimes not the only entity with the power to take assets. Lawsuits filed by creditors can also result in seizures. Money seizure attorneys have vast experience navigating legal processes and can help protect your assets from such seizures.

Earlier Customs Seizures

Seizure of money by customs is a typical occurrence at airports and border crossings. It can be because of undeclared cash or violating currency transportation laws. If you find yourself in a position where customs officers seized your money, it is advisable to seek help from a money seizure attorney to help you recover your funds.

IRS Levies and Seizures

If you have evaded taxes, the IRS can seize any funds in your bank accounts or other assets that you own. An attorney experienced in fighting money seizure cases can help you deal with the IRS in such situations. They will explain all available options to you and guide you on how to appeal, negotiate, or settle the matter.

Asset Forfeitures

A court order can cause a forced forfeiture, which is the confiscation of assets obtained through illegal means. A money seizure attorney will help you fight these civil and criminal asset forfeiture proceedings to recover your assets.

Money seizures can impact your personal or business finances greatly. Thus, it is crucial to hire a qualified money seizure attorney when faced with a seizure of funds, assets, or properties. With their specialized experience, they can help you navigate through legal processes, protect your rights, and recover your assets or funds. If you find yourself in the circumstances mentioned above, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified money seizure attorney. Their expert advice and representation may be the key to overturning the government's seizure and regaining your financial freedom.

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