Seeking Foreign Partners In Business And How Your International Trade Attorney Can Help

Seeking Foreign Partners In Business And How Your International Trade Attorney Can Help

28 January 2020
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When you are ready to expand your business into international territory, you generally hope for a business partner that can make it happen and be the person to keep a watchful eye on things. As you begin looking for business partners on foreign soil, you will need the professional counsel of an international trade attorney. Here is how the trade attorney can help you find the best global markets to tap into and partner with. 

Avoiding International Faux Pas

Different cultures and different rules in business are requirements if you are going to find a good foreign partner. If you make any sort of faux pas, it is going to be remembered for decades, and you will lose your chance with that partner and that country. Your international attorney knows a lot about cultural business differences and what you can and cannot say, and what you can and cannot do. He or she can help you avoid these bumbling bunglers to advance your company. 

Avoiding Countries on the Foreign Trade Ban List

As if it were not difficult enough to avoid foreign faux pas in business, there is a federal list of countries to not trade with. Your lawyer can check this federal list often to make sure that your next targeted country and foreign business hopeful is not on the list that could get you arrested. As long as the country remains off the federal foreign trade ban list, you are safe to conduct business in that country and make an alliance with that business partner. 

Laws, Laws, and More Laws

What works for import/export in Bangladesh will not work in Saudi Arabia. What works in Japan will not work in Turkey. You get the general idea, but when you are trying to find a foreign business partner, you have to look at all of the country's laws in regard to goods and import/export laws. If it was not for your international trade lawyer, you could be in a lot of hot water, depending on what your company makes and wants to export and sell around the world. Since you are just one person and cannot expect to remember every trade law on the books for every country where you want to find and make a business partner, your lawyer does it for you. 

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