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Why Hearsay Can Be Against You In Court

28 January 2020
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One of the greatest misconceptions about the law is that hearsay has no place in court. Ask any criminal defense lawyer, and you'll hear a very different tune. Let's look at the why and how of the admissibility of hearsay. Why Should Hearsay Be Admitted? In the very broadest sense, hearsay is inadmissible. Courts are not wild about people being tried on the basis of what might be nothing more than gossip. Read More …

Seeking Foreign Partners In Business And How Your International Trade Attorney Can Help

28 January 2020
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When you are ready to expand your business into international territory, you generally hope for a business partner that can make it happen and be the person to keep a watchful eye on things. As you begin looking for business partners on foreign soil, you will need the professional counsel of an international trade attorney. Here is how the trade attorney can help you find the best global markets to tap into and partner with. Read More …

Three Things A Debt Collection Lawyer Can Do For Your Business

23 January 2020
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Outstanding debt can be detrimental to your business. It can impact your cash reserves, impact your ability to purchase the items your business needs, and if you are owed a large amount of money, your business may even struggle to stay afloat. If you are owed money and have been unable to collect it yourself, you may be thinking about hiring a debt collection lawyer. However, many people do not fully understand what a debt collection attorney does or how they can benefit your business. Read More …

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